Show your products off in their best light

I offer three main types of product photography which you can choose from or you can have all three if you’d like! If you’re not sure what would suit your business the best then give me a shout and we can chat through the options to find what’s going to show your products off in their best light.

Plain White Background

This creates a no fuss, no distractions image of your product so your customers can get a clear idea of what you’re selling. 

*Note: this type of image doesn’t give any indication of scale. 


These images are designed to make your customers fall in love with your product. 

They can be styled with a fairly simple set up or we can throw the whole prop cupboard at them! 


These are the images that give your customers context.

They are what helps them imagine wearing your product, using it themselves or thinking ‘ooh! Wouldn’t that look nice placed on my sideboard just like that?!’


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